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Graig Nettles and the Hall of Fame

Great article.  I came across your website after Googling "Nettles hall of fame."  I was talking about this at work yesterday.  Nettles absolutely deserves to be there.  Why is defense always overlooked?  It bothers me that Reggie Jackson, a one-dimensional player, was a shoe-in and Nettles always gets overlooked.  (Jackson was a great HR hitter, but was a defensive liability.)  Ask any player or coach from the 70's Yankees who they would rather have on their team (Nettles and Jackson), I bet 100% would pick Graig.

Frank Notaro
Metuchen, NJ

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Calling Graig Nettles

My name is Charles P. Nettles and I can remember my dad telling me when I was a kid that we had a cousin that played M.L.B. I asked him 'well, who is he' and my dad said Graig Nettles. I might have responded something like 'well I would like to meet him at a family reunion'. My dad said that he didn't know where he was. Graig looks like one of my grandfather's brothers. I would like to find out
what side of the Nettles he is from? My dad was a vet in St.Tammany Parish for 28 years and was born in McComb, Ms. and his uncles where from Auburn, Ms. and Summit, Ms. plus all over the state of Mississippi. If you know who John "Webb" Nettles is or Dr. C.P. Nettles D.V.M. please email me [see editor's note]. I would like to hear from you so if you are not too busy please drop me a line or two

-- Charles Nettles
Folsom, Louisiana

Editor's Note: We have published this letter so that, in the event Graig Nettles reads it, he can get in contact with Charles. We do not post email addresses on this board, but if Graig Nettles would like to contact Charles, we will facilitate through the Contact Us form.

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